Sauter Noblesse 160/185

Sauter Noblesse 160/185

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Noblesse 160/185

A noble promise. The Noblesse 160/185 is a grand piano with lovingly crafted decorative details and inlays of precious woods carved by the hands of master craftsmen. The octagonal legs of hand-carved columns captivate the eye. The sound is clear, open and brilliant.

Exclusive details: Double brass casters. Sostenuto pedal. Lid support made of solid maple for greater tonal brilliance. Fallboard with hydraulic damping. Music rack with convenient one-handed operation.

Finishes: 1. cherry satin, 2. mahogany gloss, 3. walnut satin, 4. burr walnut gloss

Dimensions: 101 cm high, 152 cm wide, 160 cm (185 cm) long.

Brochure: Download the Noblesse 160/185 brochure


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