Sauter Cosmo 116

Sauter Cosmo 116

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Cosmo 116

The next generation of sound in functional classic style. The Cosmo 116 offers a wide tonal range thanks to its new construction method with a generously laid-out sound board. The unique “SAUTER spherical concavity®” in the sound board ensures a well-balanced tonal palette, which is aided by the tone wood of the mountain spruce. This wood is stable and yet elastic for a wide tonal spectrum. The well-functioning action ensures maximum enjoyment when playing.

The modern steel reinforcing frame was first introduced by SAUTER. It prevents any distortion of the keyboard. An optimum harmonization of keyboard action and mechanism also characterizes uprights in this class, making it even easier for you to play.
An even more powerful sound is delivered by the enlarged hammer heads, which affects the touch in perfect harmony with the piano—a difference you can hear.
Sophisticated details: Damping pedal, lock, double brass casters.

Finishes: 1. beech shellac, 2. alder shellac, 3. cherry shellac, 4. walnut satin, 5. black gloss

Dimensions: 116 cm high, 146 cm wide, 60 cm deep.

Brochure: Download the Cosmo 116 brochure


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