Ritmüller Premium LT 1

Ritmüller Premium LT 1

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Premium instrument with the latest design and technology.
Especially suitable for professional venues.

Solid high altitude Alpine spruce soundboard for LT premium models is made in Germany by Holzwerke Strunz. Select spruce from high altitude Alpine trees grown and matured evenly and having a fine tree ring structure are cut and stored meticulously to ensure the perfect tone wood resulting in a piano comparable to the world’s finest.

High-quality components are used in this instrument. Quality materials installed from German traditional companies include Renner hammer heads and quality strings from Röslau. Each piano is produced with excellent precision assembly technology and craftsmanship. Equipped with modern chrome fittings. Very precise feeling, balanced sound and tonal character.

Height 116cm Width 150cm Depth 60cm Weight 210kg


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