Boston GP-156 Performance Edition

Boston GP-156 Performance Edition

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Designed by STEINWAY & SONS, employing the unique patents and expertise that have made the STEINWAY synonymous with musical excellence, the BOSTON line of grand pianos represents a singular achievement: a superior playing experience at a price level never before thought possible. The smallest Boston grand by size, at 156cm in length, there is nothing small about the sound of this grand, which benefits from a wide-tail design. Available in ebonised polish.

Hard Rock Maple inner rim – this is the foundation of the Boston’s tone. Besides providing superior structural integrity to the piano, it enhances tone by being a rock hard foundation for the soundboard. A Maple rim is found only in the finest pianos.

Pin block
Octagrip pin block made of 11 layers of Hard Rock Maple.

Close and straight-grained solid (not laminated) Sitka Spruce. Minimum 3 annual growth rings per cm.

Treble: Vertically laminated (alternating maple and mahogany) with a solid maple cap, curved to fit the crown of the soundboard. Bass: Solid maple mounted to cantilevered base.

Solid maple and hornbeam(all wood, no plastic) for all moving parts.

Genuine spruce, individually balanced and weighted. Synthetic ivory and ebony key covers.


  • Fallboard: Soft fall fallboard.
  • Casters: Heavy-duty double-wheel solid brass casters.
  • Locks: Fallboard.
  • Prop Sticks: Double top prop sticks.
  • Black Felts for Plate, under Fallboard, and around Pedals on Lyre.


Length: 156 cm
Width: 151 cm
Height: 102 cm


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